Eighty is the New Forty; Successful Senior Event held by MVHF

The Massawippi Valley Health Foundation (MVHF) recently hosted twenty-four Border area seniors for tea at the Colby-Curtis Museum in Stanstead. The tea is a project of the Foundation funded through a grant from New Horizons, a Federal Government initiative. The project meets the
government’s aims of healthy ageing, addressing senior abuse and financial well-being,
accommodating people with disabilities and addressing ageing at home.

At the museum entrance, five volunteers from the Foundation greeted the participants, almost
all single women living alone. They were ushered into the sun-splashed solarium for tea,
scones and little cakes. At each place was a piece of jewelry donated by the boutique of the
museum. Many participants donned their bright new neck piece to give the event a festive air.

Carol Mooney, a director of the Foundation opened the proceedings by congratulating them on
their presence. ‘’You are looking after your health. You are staying connected to others and
you are willing to listen and learn from others.’’

The learning came from the participants. In turn, each one rose and talked about a variety of
activities past and present. The group heard from gardeners, artists, online learners, fund-
raisers, church restorers, counselors, health coaches to name a few. Two people encouraged
everyone to keep all their receipts for any assistance they need to keep them in their own
home for future submission for tax credits. ‘’For weekly chats with a friend, set a time limit of
15 minutes; it helps make it happen and keeps the topics fresh’’, offered one participant.
Several talked about the good care they had received at the Massawippi Valley Health Centre
(CSVM). One woman summed up her need to keep active physically and mentally. ‘’Either use
it or lose it.’’

The Massawippi Valley Health Foundation (FSVM) opened in 2014 to promote and financially support
healthcare services for Eastern Townshippers. As its first major project, FVM has prioritized the partial funding of the Massawippi Valley Health Centre (CSVM) since 2015 to serve the
healthcare needs of an underserved rural population. Since then, the Foundation, in association with the Health Centre, offers a variety of activities to stimulate healthy living and ageing in place. Exercise classes in the Fall, winter and spring are offered in Ayer’s Cliff. Professional seminars on topics such as caregiving for dementia, nutrition, the pelvic floor, financial management are available. Help with devices such as iPads, iPhones, and laptops is offered also. Once a month, a group of seniors meet at the Ayer’s Cliff clinic Wellness Centre for games, chats, information. The Social Café and all the other activities are open to the entire community, as well as members and non-members of the Massawippi Valley Health Centre.

For more information, www.FondationFVM.ca email: fondationfvm@gmail.com